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Castle Ballycarbery: photos, description Ballycarbery Castle)

Among the numerous sights in Ireland, of course, is to remember and Ballycarbery. Is located this historic castle, or rather its ruins towering over the river Firth green picturesque hill top which offers great panoramic views of the harbour Valentia, just a few kilometers from the town of Cahersiveen in County Kerry.

In the 14th century, the land on which now rise the ruins of the castle of Ballycarbery, belonged to an influential clan yo, Catherine Moore. Historians believe that during this period, there already existed a castle that was probably built on top of a hill Donal McCarthy for his son. However, the original structure was not preserved to our days, and the ruins you see today date back to the 16 th century.

Once the castle was surrounded by strong fortifications, from which to the present day, unfortunately, there are only fragments of (a large part of the perimeter of the army was destroyed by Cromwell). Actually the castle itself today is in very poor condition, but even despite the fact that the southern wall of the castle for the most part is missing, the overall structure is preserved and allows you to appreciate the grandeur of this building.

Today the castle, Ballycarbery is all just a vast, crumbling castle wall with ivy. You'll be able to wander through the grassy first floor of the old castle. Once on this floor were several rooms, but only one of them is almost completely preserved walls and roof. There are a couple of partially-preserved stairs, but climb on them in safety, still not worth it.

Ancient legend tells of the existence of an underground tunnel that connects the castle Ballycarbery Fort and Cahergall. The entrance to the tunnel supposedly located under the South-Eastern angle of the castle, but the practical confirmation of this version does not yet have.