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King John's castle: photos, description of (King John's Castle)

King John's castle - a medieval fortress in the Irish town of Limerick. It is located in the historic city centre on the so-called Royal island and is one of the main and most popular tourist attractions in Limerick.

The second half of the 12th century was marked by Ireland's large-scale invasion of the Normans, which, in fact, marked the beginning of colonization of the emerald Isle by the British. In 1174, located on the banks of the river Shannon and was at that time part of the Kingdom of Thomond, Limerick was burned almost to the ground, but after the conquest the Anglo-Normans rebuilt pretty quickly. The strategic position of Limerick is largely determined his fate, and soon the city became a major trading center. In order to protect Limerick already in the year 1200, by decree of king John of England began construction of the castle, which lasted almost ten years. In later centuries the castle was repeatedly expanded and rebuilt, restored after numerous sieges, turning the result into a powerful fortress.

Today, king John's Castle is an important historical monument and an excellent example of medieval fortification architecture. After an extensive renovation in 2011-2013 in the castle was a Museum, which exhibits with the help of modern technology perfectly illustrates the turbulent history of Limerick. To fully experience the atmosphere of a bygone era you will be able walking through the castle courtyard, where you will see various objects and devices of everyday life of medieval Limerick, and up to the ramparts and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view. You should pay attention to the remnants of the Viking age found on the territory of the castle during archaeological excavations. There in the castle and a small cozy cafe where you can relax and exchange impressions after an entertaining "travel" in time.