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Castle Linh: photo description (Lynch''s Castle)

In the heart of Galway, on the corner of Abbigail street and Shop street is one of the oldest and most amazing buildings in the city. This castle Linh is one of the best examples of urban castles in the country. City castles is a residential building, very popular among wealthy merchants in Ireland in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries This period and the castle dates back to Linh. The exact date of construction is unknown, but above the entrance is carved the coat of arms of Henry VII, who was king of England from 1484 to 1509.

The impressive limestone building is a fine example of Irish Gothic. This is the only secular medieval building surviving in the city. Once there lived one of the most influential families of Galway - Linh, who gave the city several mayors.

For centuries the building was rebuilt, but its appearance has remained unchanged and well preserved to our days. In a building of four floors, in 1808, was made an extensive Annex. Special attention is drawn to the stone figures that adorn the castle, the gargoyles on the gutters, carved family coat of arms is Linh and trim on some Windows. On the side of the building wall is inserted a stone on which is carved the coat of arms of the Earl of Kildare.

Shop street, justifying its name, is the main shopping street of Galway. It is a pedestrian street and there are numerous shops, cafes and restaurants, and near to the showcases demonstrate their mastery of street musicians. The fact that it is one of the oldest buildings in the city, talks about how carefully the inhabitants of the city belong to its historical heritage.

Now the building houses the AIB Bank branch, and on the first floor is a small Museum.