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Ross castle: photos, description (Ross Castle)

Among the attractions of the Irish Killarney National Park and Ross castle undoubtedly deserves special attention. The old castle is located on the shores of picturesque Loch lane (one of the three famous lakes of Killarney) and is open to the public.

Ross castle was built in the late 15th century as the ancestral home of the local ruling clan the O Donahue, and in 1580-ies in the Second Desmondhello rebellion came under the control of the clan McCartney. Subsequently, Ross castle became the property of the brown family (the ancestors of the counts Kenmar) and, except for a few periods, belonged to them until the mid-20th century. During the Eleven years war (October 1641 - April 1653) between Irish Catholics and English and Scottish Protestants Ross castle fell one of the last.

The castle is a typical medieval fortification in Ireland. In the center stands a huge five-storey tower, the perimeter of which built a massive defensive wall with circular towers with loopholes at the corners. Despite the fact that the tower was actually a residential building, it was designed so as to protect its inhabitants from potential invaders. Layered protection consisted of iron bars covering the entrance, double oak doors, small holes, or so-called holes-murderers, allowing you to attack broke through the first cordon, spiral staircases with steps of different heights, making it difficult for the enemy rise to the upper floors, two mounted loopholes (mashikuli), specially designed scalloped roof, etc.

Ross castle is well preserved to the present day, and is an important architectural and historical monument. The interior of the castle has been carefully restored and you can see here is antique oak furniture, household items, weapons, and more.

There is a legend about how some unseen force literally "sucked" Maura O Donoghue from the window of his room, and the lake swallowed Mr. Mora with his horse, some furniture and an extensive library. Rumor has it that O Donahue so since then and lives in a huge Palace on the bottom of the lake, looking after his former possessions. Local legend says that every seven years the early may morning, you can see O Donahue who is going round the lake on a white horse, and one who I would see at least a glimpse of the rest of your life will have good luck.