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Irish Museum of modern art, Irish Museum of Modern Art)

Irish Museum of modern art - national institution whose goal is to collect and expose to the public the best samples of modern and contemporary art.

The Museum itself was opened relatively recently, in 1991. However, the building in which it is located, was built in the late XVII century. In 1784 the Viceroy of Ireland, founded the Royal Hospital - a home for retired soldiers. The Hospital existed for 250 years.

The building of the hospital is a fine example of classical architecture. It's a little reminiscent of the famous Paris House of Invalids.

After Ireland gained independence, the building was supposed to host the Parliament, but the Parliament remained in the building on Lannister street. Then the building was used by the Irish police and served as a storage facility for the National Museum of Ireland. In 1984 the building was renovated and in 1991 it houses the Museum of modern art.

The Museum quickly became one of the leading centres of contemporary art, both in Ireland and abroad. A variety of collections, educational programs, an innovative approach to the presentation of exhibits provide the Museum's popularity among foreign tourists and among Irish citizens. The number of visitors is estimated at 400 000 per year. In the Museum's collection are works of art created after 1940, the collection is replenished every year. In the Museum are constantly held various exhibitions and other artistic events. In addition, the Museum implemented a special program to support artists, both beginners and professionals.