/ / Irish national folk theatre, (Ireland's National Folk Theatre Siamsa Tire)

Irish national folk theatre, (Ireland's National Folk Theatre Siamsa Tire)

Irish national folk theatre, better known as siamsa Tire - the famous Irish theatre in Tralee, (the administrative centre of County Kerry).

Despite the fact that the theatre was officially founded in 1974, its history actually began in 1957, when a young priest, father Pat Ahern was sent to Tralee, to create the Church of St. John the new choir Inspired by the success of their talented wards, father Pat decided to put on a passion play entitled "Calvary". Premiered in 1963 and was with incredible delight received by the audience. So, actually, and there was a team who called themselves Siamsóirí na Ríochta and marked the beginning of modern National Folk theatre of Ireland.

The main goal of the young team, the artistic Director of which until 1998 were Pat Ahern, was the preservation, development and promotion of the long tradition of Irish folk culture in music, song and dance, and they were largely successful. Pretty soon, the siamsa Tire theatre has come to occupy a key place in the cultural life of Ireland, both at regional and at national level. Numerous foreign tours to siamsa Tire contributed to the spread of Irish culture and outside the country.

In 1991 specifically for previously roamed from place to place theatre in the city Park Tralee was built a complex of buildings (the home of siamsa Tire at different times was including Memorial hall, the Asha and the old Royal theatre in Tralee). This is a very interesting architectural structure resembling an old Irish castle. It also housed the arts Center, which regularly holds various art exhibitions, thematic lectures and seminars, and other cultural events.