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Cork University Cork: photo description (University College Cork)

University College Cork - national University of Ireland, cork - higher education institution in the Irish city of cork.
The University was founded by order of Queen Victoria in 1845 as one of three Royal colleges on the emerald Isle (the colleges were founded in cities such as Belfast, cork and Galway) with the aim to maximize opportunities of getting higher education in the Irish province of Munster.

New College is located in an incredibly scenic location on the edge of a limestone cliff overlooking the river Lee. It is believed that this place is rather symbolic for the residents of Cork and was chosen because it is closely associated with Saint FINBAR, pay close attention to education issues. Nearby was a monastery, founded by Saint FINBAR in the school in which the students taught both theological and secular science. The College building was built by the talented architects Thomas Deane and Benjamin Woodward.

Its doors to the first students of the College opened on 7 November 1849, and after several years the College has received a number of awards for achievements in different fields of knowledge, including mathematics, medicine and Humanities and, accordingly, recommended itself positively. In 1908 was adopted by the Irish Universities Act, under which the school was renamed "University College Cork". Since 1998, the full official name of educational institution - University College Cork - national University of Ireland, cork.

Today University College Cork is one of the leading research institutions and one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the state. University College Cork part of the Union of Universities of Ireland, and consists in the Association of European universities known as the Utrecht network.

Of course, throughout its history, the College has undergone changes not only in its name but also significantly broadened the boundaries of their possessions, turned into a huge knowledge center with educational and research buildings, an art gallery, campus, etc. today more than 20000 students are studying at the University College Cork in various fields of knowledge.