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Cathedral: photos, description (Galway Cathedral)

Cathedral of the assumption of the virgin Mary and St. Nicholas, more commonly known as Galway Cathedral, is located in the city center and is one of its main attractions. The dome height of 44 meters is clearly visible from almost anywhere in Galway.

This is not an old Church, its construction began in 1958, and in 1965 the Cathedral was consecrated. It is the youngest of a large stone Cathedral in Europe. It is located on the former city prison, which had a bad reputation because of the brutality of the guards. For the construction of the Cathedral was used mainly local materials. The architectural style of the Cathedral can be defined as Irish-Romanesque. This is a unique Irish style of the XI century, which existed prior to the Norman invasion. Architect John Robinson had built many churches in Ireland, and they are all made in a similar, recognizable style.

Inside the Cathedral is decorated with magnificent stained glass Windows, carvings and murals. The marble for the floors was quarried also near Galway, in the Connemara district. Special attention is drawn to two large stained glass Windows-"rose", one with six "petals", and the second with five. On inspection of the Cathedral may take more than one hour.

The Cathedral choir performs not only hymns and traditional Irish music. The Cathedral's two organs, large and small. The superb acoustics of the Cathedral makes organ and choral concerts unforgettable.