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Mill Blennerville: photos, description, Blennerville Windmill)

Traveling through the Irish County Kerry, definitely worth a visit and located on a picturesque Bay in the suburb of Tralee, the small, charming village Blennerville and its main attraction is the old windmill.

Windmill Blennerville was built in 1800 by sir Rolend Blennerhassett and was used not only for the needs of local residents, but also for grinding grain, exported to Britain, which was very appropriate, because in those days Blennerville was a major port. However, already in the second half of the 19th century in connection with the siltation of the riverbed and, as a consequence, the construction of the Tralee ship canal (1846) and then to the harbour Fenite (1880), the significance of Blennerville as a port has declined significantly. The role played by and engulfed in the 19th century almost all of Europe by global industrialization, which was widely introduced new technologies. A special niche is occupied and the system, which was based on the use of steam power, which, of course, led to the fact that the old windmill, a power which did not survive the competition, practically ceased to be used for the purpose, and then was abandoned altogether.

In 1981 the Tralee Urban Council purchased the windmill Blennerville, and in 1984, restoration work began to transform this important historical and architectural monument in entertaining Museum. In 1990, in the presence of the current Prime Minister of Ireland, Charles James Haughey, finally held the Grand opening of the mill Blennerville.

Today Gelnica Blennerville - excellent modern Museum with an exhibition gallery, craft centre and a small cozy restaurant. Here you can get acquainted with the old technology of grinding corn, and entertaining audio-visual presentation will tell you about Blennerville as the main centre of emigration of County Kerry during the Great famine (1845-1848).