/ / Bridge O. Matthew: photo description Father Mathew Bridge)

Bridge O. Matthew: photo description Father Mathew Bridge)

The capital city of Ireland Dublin is situated on both banks of the river Liffey, and, of course, a city cannot exist without bridges. Bridges is an important part of the history and life of the city, but the city's architecture. Modern bridges is a hymn to modern technology and engineering science, harmoniously connected with the art of architecture.

But talking about Dublin, not to mention the oldest bridge of the city, for thousands of years, connecting the Northern and southern banks of the river. This bridge appeared simultaneously with the city itself. For a long time it was the only bridge in the city, and therefore called simple Dublin bridge (or simply Bridge). The first written mention of this bridge refers to 1014. For several centuries the bridge remained wooden, the first stone bridge was built only in the mid-fifteenth century. Then it was a rather a pedestrian street with houses, shops and chapel.

Modern three-span bridge was built in the early nineteenth century and given the name of Charles Whitworth, the Viceroy of Ireland.

After Ireland in the twentieth century gained independence, the country was swept by a wave of renaming. This was especially true of the names connected with the British dominions, and in 1938 the oldest bridge in the Irish capital was renamed in honor of the Theobald Matthew, an Irish Catholic priest, a fierce preacher of sobriety.