/ / The Guinness storehouse: photos, description (Guinness Storehouse)

The Guinness storehouse: photos, description (Guinness Storehouse)

Ireland is famous for its brewing tradition, and tourists coming to Dublin, of course, can not visit the Museum, located in the famous brewery "Guinness". This is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Irish capital, the Dubliners account for only 5% of visitors.

The brewery was founded in 1759, and in 1838 it became the largest in Ireland, and in 1886, the largest in the world. Now it is the world's largest manufacturer of dark malt beer - stout.

The seven-story building the fermentation plant, which houses the Museum, was built in 1902, the shop worked until 1988. In 1997 it was decided to move over here a Museum of Guinness. The new Museum opened in December 2000. Seven floors surround the atrium, designed in the form of pantovogo a glass of beer. If this "glass" to fill with beer in it will fit 14.3 million pints.

The exposure of the first floor talk about the four main components from which beer is brewed: water, barley, hops and yeast. Here are the materials telling about the company's founder, sir Arthur Guinness. On other floors present the history of the brewery, brewing technology, varieties and types of beer. Here you can see a collection of posters and beer bottles and learn how you can use beer in cooking various dishes.

Located on the seventh floor bar, and the cost of a pint of beer included in the entrance ticket. On the third and fourth floor is the business centre, which hosts various conferences, etc.