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The hunt Museum: a photo, a description (Hunt Museum)

One of the main sights of the Irish city of Limerick is undoubtedly entertaining to the hunt Museum.

The history of the Museum began with the private collection of spouses John and Gertrude hunt. For the first time a magnificent collection of ancient artifacts and objects of fine and decorative arts (or rather, part thereof) was presented to the public in 1978. As a temporary exhibition of the collection was placed in the exhibition hall of the National Institute of Higher Education (now University of Limerick). Meanwhile, the search for a suitable building in which to properly organize the preservation and demonstration of Antiques, come to fruition. As a "new home" a unique collection of spouses hunt was chosen historic Customs house, built in the 18th century by the Italian architect Davis Ducart and is a fine example of the so-called Palladium architecture. In February 1997, after a long and extensive renovation, the hunt Museum, finally opened its doors to visitors.

The Museum's collection includes about 2,000 items, most of which relates to Ireland, perfectly illustrating the development of its history and culture (the earliest date from the Neolithic period). Famous hunt Museum, and unique artifacts from ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. The exhibition presents the diverse archaeological findings, ceramics, bronze, silver and ivory, weapons and tools, statues of wood and stone, jewelry, religious relics, paintings and much more. Among the most interesting Museum values it is interesting to note the bronze horse of Leonardo da Vinci, the Antrim cross in bronze and enamel (9th century), as well as works by Pablo Picasso and Auguste Renoir.

In the hunt Museum regularly holds various temporary exhibitions as well as thematic lectures and seminars for children and adults.