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National Museum of Ireland: photos, description National Museum of Ireland)

National Museum of Ireland specializiruetsya on Irish art, culture and natural history.

The Museum was founded on 14 August 1877 by a special act of the Irish Parliament. On Kildare street in Dublin, a special building was built, which was opened in 1890. The new Museum was exhibited coins, medals, important archaeological finds, including the Arda chalice and the Tara brooch, as well as ethnographic and geological collections.

At first the Museum was called the Dublin Museum of science and art, then the national Museum of science and art, and since 1921 it bears the name of the national Museum of Ireland. Like any Museum on a national scale, the national Museum had a lack of both exhibition areas and storage space for collections. In 1994 the Museum was transferred to Collins barracks - a complex of buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries. the First part of exposition was opened there in September 1997. Another branch of the Museum located in the town of Mayo.

Now, the Museum has nearly 4 million artifacts, of which nearly two million are related to archaeology. Here are the Golden items of the era of the ancient Celts, objects made in the early middle ages, and the finds of the Viking age. Some of the findings gained worldwide fame and became a symbol of Celtic art. This, for example, bowls of Arda and Derrynaflan - a lavishly decorated silver vessels, the Tara brooch is a masterpiece of jewelry art at that time, the Golden boat from the treasure of Broiler.

The Museum's ethnographic collection was gathered in the farthest corners of the world: Polynesia, South America, West Africa, etc. section of applied art and history to tell about the culture of the country and its inhabitants over the past two millennia.

Museum of natural history (part of the National Museum of Ireland) is often called "the Museum" because now we can see it almost the same as it looked in 1856.