/ / Killarney national Park: photos, description (Killarney National Park)

Killarney national Park: photos, description (Killarney National Park)

Killarney national Park - a biosphere reserve with an area more than 25 thousand acres in the southwestern part of Ireland in County Kerry near Killarney.

History of Killarney National Park began with a located in the very heart of the estate of Muckross house. In 1911 the estate was purchased by California-based magnate William Bourne for his daughter Maud and her husband Arthur Vincent. In 1929 Maud died prematurely, and soon Arthur Vincent decided to pass the estate in the gift of the Irish state, which he actually did in 1932, marking the beginning of the first national Park of Ireland. However, if the Park was named "Memorial Park Bourne Vincent, but over time, fundamentally extending the territory, the reserve got its current name.

Killarney national Park includes mountains and plains, forests and moorland, lakes and waterfalls (including the waterfall TORK, whose height is 18 m). The unique ecosystem of the reserve and is under state protection. There are sessile oaks, strawberry trees, Holly, yew, ojika, pinguicula grandiflora, Heather, gorse Halle, cabbage St. Patrick, Irish spurge, ferns, various mosses and lichens, and more. Very rich and varied fauna of the national Park. It is home to the Irish deer, pine Martens, badgers, red squirrels, wood mice, and is also home to over 140 species of birds (Blackbird, white-fronted goose, Chough, Nightjar, grouse, etc.). The world-famous lakes of Killarney are famous for their abundance of trout and salmon. Among the most interesting inhabitants of the lakes is to provide a fairly rare Irish lake shad, Arctic char and trout.

In addition to the magnificent natural landscapes and fantastic scenery of the national Park is famous for various historical and architectural monuments. You should definitely visit the mansion of Muckross house with well-preserved Victorian mansion (19th century), a beautiful garden, an arboretum with exotic plants specially imported from the southern hemisphere, and traditional farms Muckross. However, individual attention, and a fine example of medieval architecture of Ireland - Ross castle and the ruins of the Franciscan Abbey of Muckross.

To arrange a fascinating journey through Killarney National Park, you can both independently and as part of a tour group. You can also book a personalized tour with a professional guide.