/ / The lakes of Killarney: photo description (Lakes of Killarney)

The lakes of Killarney: photo description (Lakes of Killarney)

The world famous lakes of Killarney is one of the most impressive natural attractions of Ireland. The lakes are situated in nestled at the foot of the picturesque mountains of the valley, near the town of Killarney in County Kerry and are part of Killarney National Park.

The lakes of Killarney include three lakes - Loch lane, Muckross and Upper. All of them have a glacial origin. The largest and closest lake to the town of Killarney is Lough lane, which in addition to the incredible scenery and famous landmarks like Muckross Abbey and Ross castle. On the Eastern shore of Lough lane there are old copper mines, the development of which began in prehistoric times. Worth a visit and a small island Innisfallen where you can see the ruins of an ancient Abbey, founded in the 7th century, the walls of which were educated the future high king of Ireland Brian Boru (though, the ruins that have survived to our days date back to the 10-13 centuries). And on the green Peninsula of Muckross separates Lough Leane and Muckross, location of the famous estate of Muckross house, marked the beginning of Killarney National Park. The Peninsula of Muckross is also one of those rare places in Europe where you can still see the yew forest.

As a rule, familiarity with the lakes is a part of the visit to Killarney National Park. You can plan your route yourself or use the services of a professional guide. Full enjoy fantastic panoramic views you can visit the special observation deck "Ladies View", which you can hardly miss if you follow the road No. 71 (in the area of Killarney - Kenmar).