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Lough Mask: photo description (Lough Mask)

Lough Mask is a freshwater limestone lake in County Mayo. It is the sixth largest lake in Ireland with an area of 20,000 acres. Lough Mask is situated to the North of Lough Corrib and is associated with underground streams.

The length of the lake of Lough Mask is about 10 miles and a maximum width of about 4 miles. The depth of the lake in its different parts is substantially different. Its average depth is 15 m, maximum depth reaches in some places - 58 m. the South-Eastern part of the lake is quite shallow with many islets.

Due to the huge number found in the lake Lough Mask trout, it is particularly popular with fishing enthusiasts. Every year in the Cushlough Bay (near the town of Ballinrobe) held the world Cup for the title of "champion of trout fishing".

It should be noted that fishing not only entertainment on the lake of Lough Mask. There is also "Petersburg Outdoor Education Center" near the island of bly, which you can enjoy various water sports, including kayaking, Canoeing, sailing, etc. a Lot of fun you will get, and just walking in the picturesque surroundings of Loch Mask, or can travel to one of the Islands such as the Isle of Inishman, where are the ruins of an ancient Celtic Church of St. Cormac, founded in the 6th century.

However, it is worth to visit the lake and interested in the paranormal. Researchers specializing in this field, argue that the lake of Lough Mask were recorded suspicious activity. The legends and the island of bly, where, according to tradition, the Banshee lives - a very prominent figure of Irish folklore.