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Gallarus oratory: photo description (Gallarus Oratory)

The Gallarus oratory is an ancient oratory on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry.The Gallarus oratory was discovered in 1756, reliable data when it was built this structure, not found to this day. Historians suggest that the oratorio was built roughly in the 6-9 century ad However, some architectural features including form of a single window, located on the East side, suggests that the oratory was built much later, possibly in the 12th century. There is disagreement about the purpose of this building, though most researchers still agree that it served as a Christian Church.

The oratorio is a fairly simple structure, built from local stone - an ancient red Sandstone, characterized by a special strength. Visually, the oratorio resembles the inverted hull of a ship. Such a comparison is caused by the fact that the building has a base of rectangular shape (8 m length, 5 m width) and an inclined side wall, seeking each other and thereby forming the roof of the building. It is believed that the construction was not used a bonding solution, but for some particles that have survived to our days, you can almost certainly assume that this role has to some extent played a lime mortar, which was faced with external and internal walls of the oratorio. The altitude of the oratorio is about 8 m. the entrance to the oratory doorway, with a height of about 2 m) is located on the West side.

Not far from the Gallarus oratory there is a Parking and visitor center, where you can find entertaining 15-minute audio-visual presentation. You will find here a small gift shop.

The Gallarus oratory as a National monument of Ireland and is under state protection.