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Valentia island: photo description (Valentia Island)

Valentia island off the southwest coast of Ireland near Iveragh Peninsula is part of County Kerry). It is a small picturesque island, whose length is only 11 km, width - about 3 km, and the population does not exceed 700 people (census 2011). To reach the island via Memorial bridge Maurice Onila, which, in fact, connects Valentia and the island of Ireland, or using the services of the ferry.

Today, Valentia island, largely thanks to its proximity to one of the most famous and interesting tourist routes of Ireland - the ring of Kerry is very popular. However, it is worth noting that his sights are really worthy of close attention.

Discover the history of Valentia island you can visit the heritage Centre. However, a lot of interesting and informative information, you will be able to learn and with special signage that will meet rising on mount Gaokao (the highest point of Valentia). The mountain Gaokao is famous for its excellent panoramic views and breathtaking scenery and incredible cliff Foger, which reaches a height of 180 m, is simply breathtaking.

Among the attractions of the island it is worth noting the so-called Telegraph field - the memorial erected in 2002 as a memory of what Valentia in 1866 was the final stage in an attempt to lay a transatlantic Telegraph cable and thus finally to establish a permanent connection between Europe and America. You can visit the House of Glanleam and its famous tropical gardens, founded in the 1830s, sir Peter George Fitzgerald. However, a lot of fun you will get simply walking through the streets of the cozy town of Natstown (the administrative centre of Valentia).

Of particular interest Valentia island is for paleontologists, as it is here in 1993, student geologist was discovered the fossilized remains of primitive vertebrates that lived in these parts about 385 million years ago.