/ / Island Claire: photos, description (Clare Island)

Island Claire: photos, description (Clare Island)

Claire is a small mountainous island off the West coast of Ireland at the entrance to Clew Bay (County Mayo). The island area is approximately 16 square kilometers, permanent population of not more than 150 people.

Island Claire - impressive coastal cliffs, picturesque hills, small forests and plenty of interesting places and activities. It is ideal for lovers of active holidays and long walks in the fresh air (for walking you can also rent a bike). To taste the island and the watchers.

Among the attractions Clare is definitely worth noting the ruins of the towers of the castle of the legendary "Queen of pirates" grey, O'malley (also known in history as Gradual), and the old lighthouse on the Northern tip of the island, built in the early 19th century. No less interesting and the small Cistercian Abbey of the 14th century, where today you can see the well preserved fragments of medieval wall paintings.

A lot of fun and you will get going on the organic farm "Makkal", where you can attend yoga classes, listen to an entertaining lecture about the basics of good nutrition and horse riding. You can also go to the nearby island of Caher (uninhabited) and Instruc.

The island is famous for and a very lively nightlife and a variety of festivals are held mainly during the summer). If you have decided to spend on the island a few days it is worth considering that housing choices (a couple of hotels, B&B, hostel, etc.) is quite limited and booking is taken care of in advance.

To get to Clare island, you can ferry from Roonagh pier near the village of Lewisboro, the journey takes about 20 minutes (in the off season the ferry goes only twice a day - morning and evening).