/ / The Skellig Micheal island: photos, description (Skellig Michael)

The Skellig Micheal island: photos, description (Skellig Michael)

Skellig Michael, a small rocky islet in the Atlantic ocean off the South West coast of Ireland. It lies approximately 12 km to the West of the Peninsula Iver (County Kerry) and today is a very popular attraction.

The island of Skellig Michael is famous for breathtaking natural landscapes and picturesque scenery. The world famous island was located here thanks to the ancient monastery of St. Michael, which is considered one of the most interesting monasteries of the early Christian period in Europe and at the same time one of the most inaccessible. The Holy cloister is well preserved to our days is an important historical and archaeological monument. In 1996 the monastery was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The exact date of Foundation of the monastery is unknown. Ancient legend says that the monastery was founded by Saint Fionna in the 6th century, although the earliest written sources that have survived to our days date back to the 8th century. It is believed that before the Foundation of the Holy monastery Skellig Michael was uninhabited, although categorically refute or confirm this hypothesis reliable data was found. Thus, the history of the island is inextricably linked with the history of the monastery.

To get to the monastery you must climb a steep winding paths to a height of approximately 200 m above sea level. Here, on the large terrace, you will see this fine example of early Christian architecture - monastic cells, resembling a beehive, Church of St. Michael, two oratorio (place of prayer), as well as stone crosses and slabs.

The monastery was abandoned roughly in the 12-13 th centuries, and its inhabitants moved to the Augustinian Abbey at Ballinskelligs village on the island of Ireland. In the 19th century on the island was built two lighthouses, and Skellig Michael became an important landmark for the ships.

The island of Skellig Michael - one of the two Skellig Islands together with the island of little Skellig constitute an important natural reserve which is home to a large population of sea birds (cormorants, gugarci, guillemots, Kittiwakes, puffins, etc.) and a Paradise for the ornithologist.

The island available to the public from April to October only and weather permitting.