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Island Blasket: photos, description (Blasket Islands)

Blasket Islands - a small archipelago off the West coast of the island of Ireland is approximately 6 km from the Western tip of the Dingle Peninsula (administratively belongs to the County Kerry).

In the late 19th and early 20th century inhabitants which lies on the edge of the European archipelago, speaking exclusively to the Irish dialect and is able to preserve its old traditions, became the object of various anthropological and linguistic research, which subsequently formed the basis of works by such renowned historians and linguists as Robin flower, George Thompson and Kenneth Jackson.

By the mid-20th century and the already large population of the archipelago has decreased significantly, and in November 1953 the island had left their last inhabitants and since then the island Blasket - uninhabited, although still considered part of the so-called Gaeltacht (area where the Irish language is maintained as the language of everyday communication among most of the population).

Island Blacket gave to the world such talented Irish writers like Thomas O Crohan, Paige Sayers and Maurice O'sullivan, told the world in her exciting works about the life and culture of the inhabitants of the blasket Islands, which over time has remained almost unchanged, thereby saving so rare in our days the authentic and unique flavor. These works are considered classics of Irish literature and have great artistic and historical value.

Today the island Blasket is, above all, stunning natural landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Go on an exciting journey to the blasket Islands you will be able from the harbour of Ventry (possible both group and individual tours, booking is required in advance to make sure). To get acquainted with history of the Islands, you can visit the small but very interesting Museum Blasket in the village Dunquin (Dingle Peninsula).