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St Stephens green: photos, description (St Stephen's Green)

St Stephens green - one of the largest parks in Dublin. It is located in the city centre, and four surrounding streets are called street St Stephens green North, St Stephens green West, St Stephen's green East and St. Stephens green South.

The Park was officially opened to the public in July of 1880. However, this place was a favorite place for walks of wealthy citizens from the middle of the seventeenth century, when the area around the Park began to build expensive houses. But the Park was open only to residents, but not for all Dubliners. After the death of the beloved husband of Queen Victoria Prince albert, the Queen proposed to rename the Park in albert Park and set in the center of the monument to Prince albert. The proposal was indignantly rejected by the townspeople that a lot upset the Queen.

Sir Arthur Guinness, one of the then owners of the brewing company Guinness, proposed to make the Park available to the public and gave a considerable amount of money to redevelop and the arrangement of the Park. In gratitude, the city government installed him in the Park monument.

One of the main attractions of the Park is a garden for the blind. In the North-Western part of the Park planted plants with a strong smell, which is not harmful to touch and feelings, and signatures of the plants written in Braille.

In the Park there are numerous monuments and busts of prominent citizens - writers, public figures, etc. On the South side of the Park, ivy house, the former residence of the Guinness family in 1939 transferred to the city. Now there is the Ministry of foreign Affairs. On the West side is Ireland's largest shopping centre, which is called the same as the Park - St Stephens green.