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Saint fin Barre's Cathedral: a photo, description Saint Fin Barre''s Cathedral)

Saint fin Barre's Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral in the Irish city of cork (Church of Ireland diocese of cork, Cloyne and Ross). The Cathedral got its name in honor of St. finbarre's Cathedral, revered by the local inhabitants of the patron Saint of Cork.

The Cathedral is located near the city center, where historians believe was situated and founded in the 7th century by St. Finbarr an ancient monastery school which was one of the most important citadels of knowledge of medieval Ireland. Later on this place there were several temples, the last of which was purposely destroyed in the early 1860-ies in order to build the Cathedral St. finbarre's Cathedral as we see it today.

In 1862, there was a competition for "best project of the future Cathedral", the winner of which was recognized by the famous English architect William burges, despite the fact that his project was much higher than the originally anticipated estimate, which was one of the main restrictions for contestants. Construction began in 1865 and it took five years before major work was completed and held its first solemn Liturgy (1870). Tower of the Cathedral and the spires were completed only in 1879.

Saint fin Barre's Cathedral built in the Gothic revival style of cork limestone and decorative bath stone, and its walls are faced with red marble. Exterior and interior of the Cathedral, including sculptures (more than 1200), mosaic, furniture, etc., were also developed and approved by William Burgess, however, some of its elements were completed after his death. You should pay special attention to the excellent stained glass Windows depicting scenes from the old and New Testaments, who are considered among the best in Ireland. Very interesting and luxurious chair, floor mosaics and an ancient organ (1870).

Today the Cathedral St. finbarre's Cathedral is one of the most impressive and interesting architectural sights of Cork. Residents often call it South of the Cathedral, while the Catholic Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary and St. Anne referred to as the North Cathedral.