/ / Cathedral of Saint virgin Mary, (The Cathedral of Saint Mary Blessed Virgin)

Cathedral of Saint virgin Mary, (The Cathedral of Saint Mary Blessed Virgin)

The St Mary's Cathedral (Limerick Cathedral), the current Cathedral of the Church of Ireland (Protestant Church of the Anglican community) in Limerick. The Cathedral is located on king's island near king John's Castle and is one of the oldest buildings in Limerick, as well as important historical and architectural monument, harmoniously combining Romanesque and Gothic styles.

In the lands where today is the Cathedral of the Holy virgin Mary, many centuries ago housed the most Western in Europe Outpost and administrative center of the Vikings, and then was built the Royal Palace. It was on the site of this Palace, after the king of Thomond Domnall Mor Ua Briain gave these lands to the Church, in 1168 and was founded the temple, consecrated in honor of the blessed virgin Mary and later became the Cathedral of the diocese of Limerick.

A long and turbulent history of Limerick Cathedral has made dramatic changes in its architecture. However, experts believe that in the construction and today, there are architectural fragments of the old Royal Palace, including the door on the West facade, which, most likely, was the main entrance to the Palace (today this entrance is only used in ceremonial occasions). Impressive also the Cathedral tower, whose height is more than 36 m was built in the 14th century.

A special pride of the Cathedral are undoubtedly Misericordia (a small wooden shelf in the lower part of the folding seats), decorated with carved emblems, and presumably Dating from the second half of the 15th century. It is also worth to pay attention to is carved from a solid block of limestone, an impressive old altar was used for its purpose in the era preceding the reformation) and the organ donated to the Cathedral in 1624.

By 1968, by decree of the Irish government issued two stamps with the image of St Mary's Cathedral in honor of its 800th anniversary.