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The Cathedral of Christ, (Christ Church Cathedral)

Christ Church Cathedral (Christ Cathedral), officially named the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, is located in the city centre of Dublin, capital of Ireland. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals of the city.

In Dublin we have a unique situation: two of the Cathedral in the same city - the Cathedral of Christ Cathedral and St. Patrick - are the status of Cathedral. Quite a long time they were in a constant state of competition. In 1300, it was agreed on the delimitation of powers, in which, for example, cross, mitre and ring of the late Archbishop should be kept in the Cathedral of Christ and the burial of bishops should be held alternately in both cathedrals; in General, the two cathedrals to act collectively and on an equal basis. In 1870 the St. Patrick's Cathedral was given the status of a national, the seat of the chair of the Bishop of Dublin was defined as the Cathedral of Christ.

Cathedral of Christ the older St. Patrick's Cathedral, 1030 year of construction against 1191. It was originally a wooden Church within the borders of the Viking settlement. In 1180 begins rebuilding the Cathedral in stone.

Despite the fact that the Cathedral was the main Church of Dublin, by the nineteenth century, he came in terrific condition. In the late nineteenth century was a large-scale reconstruction of the Cathedral, part of the dilapidated and crumbling buildings were demolished and replaced with a new one, and it is not always possible to say with certainty which parts date from the middle ages, and which were built in the Victorian era.

The crypt of the Cathedral, built in 1172-73. - the biggest in Britain and Ireland. Here are two of the oldest secular carved statues that were previously stored in the town hall.