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Temple Bar: photos, description (Temple Bar)

Temple Bar is the oldest and most popular district of Dublin. On-site temple Bar is full of interesting places to visit such as The Clarence Hotel, which belongs to the famous group U2, the famous Irish cultural centre Project Arts Centre, Film Centre, as well as many small museums, fashionable shops and galleries.

However, as you might guess from the name temple bar is a huge number of tourists flock here for a different reason. Restaurants and bars - that's the main reason why the crowds here are mostly after six o'clock in the evening. The fact that it was at this time closed shops of Dublin, comes the most fun time of the day.

There are many jokes about the Irish love for beer. And here, in temple Bar, going to the true heroes of these stories. The Irish themselves generally prefer darker Beers. Guinness, for example, the famous Irish beer production, here has a special flavour, to soften some of which even add a little berry liqueur. The Irish prefer to relax in the traditional institutions (The Palace Bar, Boomerang & The Kitchen, or Zanzi Bar). Tourists also tend to spend time in more popular places such as Auld Dubliner ("Old Dubliner") and prefer the lighter Beers or the famous Irish whiskey named John Jemison.

The price of a pint of beer is about the same everywhere - 4-5 euros. In the port institutions can not only drink beer but also to enjoy fresh fish and original dishes.

In temple Bar is the oldest pub in Dublin - The Brazen Head. The date of its opening Dating back to 1198. So here is the most famous bar of the same name Temple Bar with the distinctive red facade, which is a hallmark of the entire district. The bar in The Clarence Hotel owned by U2 all the same, you can try more than 600 kinds of beer imported from different parts of the world.

The peak of fun in the temple Bar district has, of course, on St. Patrick's day - March 17. This day is not only the day of the patron Saint of Ireland, but independence day and in Irish culture in General. On this day the traditional street parades, mass fun and rivers of beer is guaranteed.