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Trinity College: photo description (Trinity College)

Trinity College is one of the most famous attractions of Dublin. The full name of the College (a College of Queen Elizabeth the Holy and Undivided Trinity near Dublin) says about its founder - Queen Elizabeth I. it was established in 1592.

At that time in the South-East of the city walls of Dublin was located abandoned monastery of the Holy Trinity. In its place, and it was decided to establish a College. Over time the town grew and the College was in the heart of Dublin. Today Trinity College is one of the most prestigious Universities in the British Isles along with such notable educational institutions as Oxford and Cambridge.

The main asset of the College is its library. The library of Trinity College is one of the five richest libraries in the world. On its construction took 20 years (1712-1732). Now it holds about 4 million rare, ancient and beautiful books in the world. Since 1801 the library began to grow and today it consists of five large buildings.

The main treasure of the library - the book of Kells, created by Celtic monks from the 6th to 9th century. It is written in Latin, and includes the text of the four Gospels in 680 pages, lavishly decorated with miniatures, ornaments, patterns and medieval calligraphy, which puts the book in one of the most important works of art, Scotland, Ireland and Northern England.

The library is one of the most interesting sights of Dublin and is open to tourists.

Despite the high requirements for students in Trinity College today has more than 15,000 students and teaches more than 1 200 teachers. Among the graduates are prominent people such as author of the famous "Gulliver's Travels" Jonathan swift, Nobel prize Winners Samuel Beckett and Ernest Walton, playwright Oscar Wilde, mathematician William Hamilton, the philosopher George Berkeley, the first President of Ireland Douglas Hyde, former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and current President of Ireland - Mary Makalis.