/ / Estate of Muckross house: photos, description (Muckross House)

Estate of Muckross house: photos, description (Muckross House)

About 6 km from the town of Killarney (County Kerry) in the heart of Killarney National Park on a beautiful green Peninsula that divides Lough Leane and Muckross, location of the famous estate of Muckross house - one of the most popular destinations in Ireland, with which, as a rule, guests of the emerald Isle and begin their acquaintance with the reserve.

Beautiful Victorian mansion that you will see on the estate, was designed by renowned Scottish architect William Byrne for Henry Arthur Herbert and his wife, the watercolor Belfor Marie Herbert. Construction began in 1839 and completed in 1843, and in 1850-ies in preparation for the visit of Queen Victoria, scheduled for 1861, near of the house you will find a luxurious garden, which today is considered one of the best gardens of Ireland. The mansion is well preserved to our days and open to visitors. You will be able to see the pompous ceremonial halls, Tudor-style on the ground floor and a much more modest room on the second floor and peek into the kitchen and utility room on the ground floor.

In 1899 the estate was sold to an Irish businessman, politician and philanthropist Arthur Guinness, and in 1911, the Muckross house, which acquired a California magnate William Bourne for his daughter Maud and her husband Arthur Vincent as a wedding gift. The family lived in the manor until the death of Maud in 1929. In 1932 Arthur Vincent, with the consent of the parents of his late wife made the decision to transfer the Muckross house, in the gift of the Irish state as a Memorial Park Bourne Vincent, who became the first national Park of Ireland. Over time, its territory was thoroughly dilated, and the Park has been named Killarney national Park.

In addition to the old mansion and garden separate attention deserves and purpose built Farm Muckross, perfectly illustrates the life of the Irish farmers 30-40 years of the twentieth the last century. No less interesting and opened in 1972, the arboretum of exotic plants which were specially imported from the southern hemisphere.