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Phoenix Park: a photo, a description of (Phoenix Park)

Phoenix Park is an urban Park located in Dublin, one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe. It is a favorite place of citizens and tourists. The name of the Park comes not from the bird Phoenix, and the phrase from the Irish fionn uisce, which means "pure water", and it sounds similar to the word "Phoenix".

From the time of the Normans the land belonged to the Abbey Kilmainham. In the period of the dissolution of the monasteries under king Henry VIII (1537) land passed into the possession of the king. In 1662 the Viceroy of Ireland the Duke of Ormond staged on these lands, a Royal hunting Park, which started raising fallow deer and pheasants. In 1745 the Earl of Chesterfield opened the Park to the public.

In the Park is the residence of the President of Ireland, former residence of the Viceroy of Ireland. The famous Dublin zoo is also located on site Phoenix Park.

Attractions the Phoenix Park is also the Papal cross, which was erected in 1979 to commemorate the visit to Ireland of Pope John Paul II. 62-meter obelisk in honor of the Duke of Wellington is the largest obelisk in Europe.

The Park information centre is located in castle Ashtown - stone medieval tower, which dates from the XV century. For a long time Estaun was hidden in the thick walls of another building and it was discovered only in the late XX century, when this building was demolished.

The Park is also the headquarters of the Irish police, Garda Sheehan.

The Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Side gates closed for the night. Entrance to the Park is free.