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Church. Anna: photos, description Church of St Anne)

St Anne's Church is one of the most interesting churches of cork city. The Church is located in one of the oldest areas of the city - Chandon and is considered the hallmark of Cork.

The first Church on this place existed in the middle ages and was consecrated in honor of the virgin Mary. In the decree of Pope innocent III Dating from the year 1199, the temple is referred to as "Holy Mary on the mountain". During the siege of Cork (1690), during the so-called Vilyisky (Jacobite) war, St. Mary's Church was destroyed. The new Church was erected on this spot only in 1722 and consecrated in honor of St. Anne. In 1772, the temple received the status of parish Church.

The Church tower is an impressive tower with a height of over 50 m. Its walls are faced with red Sandstone (North and East) and white ashlar limestone (South and West) and decorated with a huge clock. The spire of the tower is crowned by a weather vane in the form of a huge fish more than four metres in length. It is considered that it represents the fishing industry, which played an important role in the economic recovery of the Crust. However, such a symbol is appropriate for the Church, because the word "fish" in Greek sounds like "ichthys" and in the early Christian period was considered the acronym of the name of Jesus Christ. The tower is easily seen from afar and is a good landmark for tourists. There on the tower and a great observation deck (at a height of about 40 m from the ground), which offers superb panoramic views of the city and the river Lee.

The eight Church bells were cast especially for the Church of St. Anne in 1750 Abel Rudholm of Gloucester. Subsequently, bell was twice altered (in 1865 and 1906), while retaining each original inscription - "God preserve the Church and King," "When you call us, we sweetly sing," etc. the Bells of St. Anne has gained popularity largely thanks to the popular local song "Sandanska bells to the verses of the famous comedian and journalist native of Cork, Francis Sylvester Mahoney, better known as father Rod.

You should pay attention to the interior of the Church of St. Anne. Of particular interest here are the excellent stained glass Windows and a stone baptismal font from the old Church, Dating from 1629, the year.