/ / Church. Nicholas: photos, description (St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church)

Church. Nicholas: photos, description (St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church)

Like many port cities, in Galway there is a Church named after St. Nicholas of Myra, patron Saint of sailors. Church. Nicholas is the largest functioning medieval parish Church in Ireland. Located in the heart of the old town, it always attracts the attention of tourists.

The Church was built in 1320, one of the members of the clan Linh, well-known and influential family of Galway. In those times Galway was a tiny town, but with big ambitions. The townspeople built a Church which was larger than many cathedrals of Ireland. In 1484, the Church received the status of a peer. In the sixteenth century the two most influential of the fourteen clans of Galway - Frenchy and Linchi completed in the chapel with the two sides of the main nave, why the Church has acquired an unusual and memorable look - the three roofs, connected together. Outside the Church is decorated with carved stone figures of animals and mythical characters.

The oldest burial in the Church dates from the XIII century, it buried the participant Crusade.

For many centuries the Church of SV. Nicholas played an important role in the life of the city. Within its walls took place the election of the mayor and city Council, but the vote could only citizens, who belonged to the so-called "14 tribes of Galway" - 14 most influential and wealthy families of the city. Legend has it that in this Church in 1477 prayed Christopher Columbus, asking for blessings before his great voyage.

The Church belongs to the Protestant Church of Ireland, but in 2005, there was conducted the Catholic service, and regularly conduct their worship Russian and Romanian Orthodox churches.