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The Church of Christ, (Christ Church)

Among the numerous temples of Ireland, special attention will always be on the parish Church of Christ in the cozy little town of Bray in County Wicklow. Christ Church is located on Church road next to the town hall and you'll find it.

To the 50-th years of the 19th century, the population of Shaving significantly increased and the only Church of the city was no longer able to accommodate all comers, which naturally entailed the construction of a new Church. So in 1861 was laid the first Foundation stone of the future Church of Christ, and on 25 July 1863 in St. James held its consecration. However, by the time the work was not yet fully over. The building of the Church tower-the bell tower and its crowning spire began in 1865, and for several reasons, was completed only in 1870.

For a long time the tower was abandoned until 1877 Christ Church in Bray had not visited the British statesman and novelist William Gladstone. He noted that "such a beautiful bell tower must not be silent" and donated some money specially on the bells for the Church. Eight bells was cast in England by Taylor of Loughborough. The first time the bells rang in 1881 and since then, every year on the night of December 31 to January 1 at midnight jingle heralds of the inhabitants of Bray and its environs about the coming of the New year.

In General, the Church of Christ is a very interesting architectural structure, where blends simplicity and elegance. The temple is built of local grey granite in the so-called "simple French style." However, it is worth noting that some elements are still whiter than the characteristic medieval architecture of Ireland, which gives the temple a special elegance. The height of the bell tower together with the spire is more than 50 m.