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Chapel Honan: photo description (the Honan Chapel)

Chapel Honan (the official name is the Collegiate chapel of St finbarre's Cathedral) is a Roman Catholic chapel in cork, located on the campus of the national University of Ireland (also known as University College Cork).

The first stone in the Foundation of the future of the chapel was laid on 18 may 1915, and on November 5, 1916, the chapel was consecrated in honor of the patron Saint of Cork - St. finbarre's Cathedral. The official name of the chapel hardly used. The name "Hanan" the chapel was in honor of Isabella Honan, who died in 1913 and bequeathed 40000 £ for the construction of on-site Cork College dorms and the chapel specifically for Catholic students who had not previously had a separate place for prayers.

It should be noted that the construction of the chapel had a time in the years of the First world war and the final phase of the so-called Movement of arts and crafts. For Ireland, standing on the threshold of political independence from Britain, this period was marked by the unprecedented surge of patriotism and revival of lost national identity. This, of course, the most favorable effect on the thoughtful to the smallest detail of the architectural and design decisions when creating the chapel Honan, where surprisingly harmoniously merged the traditions of Celtic art, the Ibero-Roman architecture, symbolism and art Nouveau. Some changes, or rather additions were made to the interior of the chapel in the years 1983-2001.

Special attention in the chapel Honan undoubtedly deserves a colorful mosaic floor made known Manchester firm of Ludwig Oppenheimer, the tabernacle (the tabernacle), decorated with enamels by Oswald Reeves and, of course, the incredible beauty of stained glass work, Harry Clarke and Sarah's Parser.