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Abbey Of The Dormition

The Abbey of the assumption Catholic monastery of the Benedictine order on the top of mount Zion, on the capture of the Heavenly Glory of the blessed virgin Mary.

In the New Testament does not say anything about the life of the virgin after the crucifixion and resurrection of Her Son. Some researchers believe that the rest of her life She spent in Ephesus, however, most legends tell us, Mary lived and died in Jerusalem. Three days after Her death the Apostle Thomas, absent at the funeral, came back and asked to open the coffin to say goodbye to him. Everyone saw only the grave cloths and felt a wondrous fragrance.

The dogma of the Catholic Church of the assumption of the virgin does not refer to the Apocrypha, says: "the Immaculate mother of God, ever-virgin Mary, having completed His life journey on earth, was taken body and spirit to the Glory of Heaven." Does not specify where and how it happened, whether preceded the Ascension of Mary to Her physical death.

The Eastern Church does not recognize the dogma of the assumption, but, honoring the mother of God, always celebrate Her assumption. Many pilgrims flock to the Greek Church of the Dormition of the virgin in Gethsemane, where, according to tradition, is the tomb of Mary. Catholic tradition holds that the taking of the blessed virgin in Heavenly Glory happened on mount Zion - where is the Abbey.

The local Basilica of the assumption of the young compared to many of the Jerusalem temples, she just turned one hundred years old. But it is on the ancient stones. The first temple here was built in the first century. Church built after were destroyed and the Persians, and Muslims. In 1898 Kaiser Wilhelm II during his visit to the Holy Land bought the plot (with a field full of debris) for the German Catholics. In 12 years here the project of the architect of Cologne Heinrich Renard was built a monastery complex.

The massive building of a Basilica with four towers around a conical roof and bell tower with the helmet dome visible from many points in Jerusalem. The bell tower is crowned by a weather vane in the form of a rooster, reminding that it was on mount Zion, in the courtyard of the high priest Caiaphas, had been a threefold denial of Peter - twice before the rooster crowed. Out of respect for the neighboring Shrine, the tomb of king David, the high chapel, so arranged that the shadow of it does not fall on the tomb.

The unusual beauty of the Basilica is visible best of all, if you go down the alley that leads from the Zion gate. End narrow street and the visitor suddenly grows the mass of the temple. The interior is just as impressive: a strict gray walls, and just above the altar and in the chapels glowing in gold mosaic. Extraordinary chapel in the crypt, decorated with ivory and ebony wood - a gift from the Republic of côte d'ivoire.

In the center of the crypt is a statue of the virgin Mary on his deathbed. The sculpture is made of cherry wood and ivory. The dress of Mary was originally gilded and decorated with chased silver, but after the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 did not survive. On the mosaic dome above Mary shows Jesus revealing His Mother's arms, ready to take Her in Heavenly Glory.