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Arched pool SV. Helena

Arched swimming pool in the city of Ramla in Central Israel were built in the late 8th century under Caliph Harun al-Rashid (763 - 809.). This is the only surviving building of the Abbasid era in Israel. The Arabic name for the pool translates to "the goat well", as there was a place where they watered the animals. In the Christian tradition it is called the pool of St. Helena, as one of the versions of the Byzantine Empress ordered to build a pool. However, the inscription at the entrance to the dungeon is in Arabic, and in terms of the modern calendar, the year of construction is listed as 789.

Since Ramla is located in a dry place in the desert, even in ancient times there was the problem of the city's water supply. Pool became a part of the water supply system, which included aqueduct, 10 km long, carrying water from the hill of tel Gezer. The aqueduct was used for over 150 years. It was destroyed by earthquakes in 1033 and 1068. the First excavations were started in 1863 by the French archaeologist, continued during the British Mandate in the period 1934-1937. In 1960 the swimming pool was cleaned of silt and sand. As of the attraction visitors can skate on it in boats. In 2009 the pool was renovated.

The area of the underground structure about 20 to 21 m, height of 9 m. the pool Volume is 5700 litres. But now the water depth it is not more than 1 m. the Pool is called the arch as the arches of the dungeons are supported by arches. On the perimeter there are 16 of rectangular columns and arches in the middle are based on 15 of cruciform pillars. There are 5 arches 6. It is believed that the Gothic arches of medieval European architecture originate from the middle East similar Lancet arches. The bottom and walls of the pool were waterproof, but now it penetrate groundwater through fissures caused by time and destruction. The arches are made small holes that were used as wells. The water in the pool came to the aqueduct and is first passed through a separate filtering pool outside.

Now the arch of the pool is beautifully illuminated. Its territory is possible to travel by boat for a short time, but the visit leaves a lasting impression.