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The archaeological Museum of Gaza

The archaeological Museum of Gaza (al"Mat AF", Arabic for "the Museum") was opened in 2008 by means of a local patron Javad Khoudary. The Museum is part of a complex that includes a restaurant, café, hotel, and Convention center. The founder of the Museum - the owner of a construction company. His personal collection of several thousand items, 350 of them on display for Museum visitors. Javad Khoudary began to gather his collection, once during the building work found an ancient Muslim coin. Since then, he asks the workers of the construction companies as well as local fishermen to provide him with information about archaeological finds and buys them for the Museum. The collection continues to take shape over 20 years.

With a rich history (the Gas has 5,000 years) and the location of the ancient city at the crossroads of important trade routes, the Museum's collection has been enriched with exhibits from across the ages. The most ancient exhibit refers to the bronze age - 3500 BC Here you can see the anchors of the ships of the Roman era, Egyptian dishes, Byzantine jugs for wine, vessels for oil, water and incense, the clay toy cart of the Philistines of the period, the glass era of the Greeks, figurines of ivory. Also presents fragments of columns, coins, ornaments.

However, not all exhibits are available for review by the visitors. For example, Hamas banned the display of sculptures of Aphrodite because of too transparent garments, as well as several Jewish ritual of the lamps (menorahs).

The modern Museum exposition was executed with the support of the Geneva Museum of art and history. The Museum is popular and plays an important role in the preservation of cultural and historical heritage of the region.