/ / The archaeological Museum in Katzrin in the Golan

The archaeological Museum in Katzrin in the Golan

The archaeological Museum in Katzrin in the Golan in Northern Israel introduces visitors to the interesting collection of finds, discovered in the Golan heights. The Museum exposition is divided into four thematic parts: prehistoric and Canaanite periods, the era of the First Temple, the Second Temple period, the ancient synagogue of the Second Temple period. The Museum illustrates historical film, dedicated to the events of the Great Jewish revolt, 66-70 ad, when the rebels heroically defended the town of Gamla from the army of Vespasian. Visitors can see the layout of the city, which, thanks to the courage of their defenders was called the "second masdeu". The ruins were discovered during archaeological excavations 1967

The Museum has a mock Israeli Stonehenge - Rujum El Hiri ("Wheel of ghosts"), located in the Golan heights. It's a maze of stones 156 m in diameter, whose age is 4,500 years. In a mound in the center was a burial of a later era with a rich treasure.

Among the exhibits are the arrowheads, coins, kernel, catapults, household items made of bone, bronze ware, copper decoration, lead loads with Greek inscriptions, scarabs, glass and ceramic products, there are models of campmeeting weapons - ballistae and catapults. There are exhibits with preserved traces of Jewish culture: carved on the stone of a menorah and inscriptions in Hebrew. Have restored the layout of a synagogue from the Second Temple period.

In the courtyard of the Museum under the open sky you can see fragments of architectural structures and sculptures: columns, bas-reliefs, statues. Some of the exhibits belong to later periods: Byzantine era and the period of the Mamluk rule.