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The Bahai gardens

Bahai gardens - the card of Haifa. Located on the slope of mount Carmel in the form of stepped terraces with a length of about 1 km Is not just landscape decoration. Gardens surround the area there is the mausoleum with the tomb of the Bab, the founder of the religion of Baha'i. This is one of the world's religions, however, it is not as common as other denominations. The founder of the religion of the Bab was born in Iran. He declared himself the vicar of God on earth, but his message was perceived to be hostile. Authorities shot him in 1850, His successor, bahá'u'lláh managed to spread the new faith, and to find companions. He died in 1892, and pointed out the place on mount Carmel for his burial. In 1909, he was buried there in a specially built mausoleum. In 1987 the decision was made to create gardens, and in 2001 the gardens were open.

The religion of the Bahais preach the ideas of goodness, beauty, justice, and social equality. According to religious regulations, you can explore the gardens, only going down from top to bottom. Of the 19 terraces for open access several levels. At the top of mount Carmel is a viewing platform overlooking the magnificent views of Haifa and the sea port. At the middle level is the tomb of Baba. The building was built in 1953 by architect W. Maxwell and combines Eastern and Western architectural styles. Semicircular gilded dome is visible from afar. Decor items carry a hidden meaning: devyatikonechnoy star, eagles, flowers in bronze vases. In the tomb you can go when you log off your shoes.

In the garden you can see a variety of plants: trees, grasses, flowers, cacti with unusual shapes. Paths strewn with red gravel which blends beautifully with the surrounding greenery. Fountains with a quiet gurgling waterfalls.

The landscaping of the garden, there are about 90 employees, as the Baha'i volunteers and professional gardeners. In the garden is prohibited to eat and drink, not to talk loudly, talk on the phone. In the evening the terrace of the Bahai gardens beautifully illuminated. The gardens are listed as world heritage by UNESCO.