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Tower of David (Museum of the history of Jerusalem)

Tower of David - an ancient citadel located near the Jaffa gate, on the West of the Old town. Now here is the Museum of the history of Jerusalem.

To the biblical king David, the founder of ancient Israel (X century BC), the tower has a very indirect relationship - the fortress at the highest point of the city were built by the kings of the Hasmonean dynasty only in the II century BC After the Hasmoneans came to power, king Herod the Great, who in 37 - 34 BCE added to the citadel three powerful towers. He called them by names of relatives: "Fasil" - in honor of brother committed suicide, "Miriam" - in memory of second wife, who killed himself, and "Hippicus" - in honor of one of my friends. Countless siege and destruction of subsequent ages have experienced only the highest tower, "Facail", - its lower part and is called today the tower of David.

Name this applies, apparently, to the times of the Byzantine Empire: the Eastern Christians believed that on the West elevation of 773 metres, was once the Palace of king David. The Arabs conquered Jerusalem in the year 638, strengthened the citadel so that the crusaders failed to take it by storm in 1099. However, took it in 1187, the great warrior Saladin. It was destroyed and again rebuilt in the XIII century by the Mamluks, and for four hundred years it was garrisoned by the Ottoman Turks. They added to the tower, the minaret towering over the city still.

In the First world war, when British troops occupied Jerusalem, at the entrance to the tower of David, the commander of the British General Allenby officially accepted the surrender. Between the world wars it housed a Museum of Palestinian folklore. After the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 - 49 years fortress for a time regained its military role in it was based on the Jordanian Arab Legion. Only after Israel's victory in the six day war of 1967, the citadel has become a peaceful object: since 1989, there is a Museum of the history of Jerusalem.

The exposition of the Museum allows you to imagine how he grew and developed Jerusalem for forty centuries. This process clearly illustrate the excellent three-dimensional models of, videos, and holograms. Part of the exhibition is the inner courtyard of the Museum - archeological Park with the ruins of the age of 2,700 years. Visitors have the opportunity to climb to the ramparts, from which you can overlook the entire city of Jerusalem including the Old city.

Tower of David - the traditional venue of the city celebrations, fairs of folk crafts, concerts. Regularly held here a spectacular laser show on the walls of the citadel under authentic music projected staged episodes from the long history of Jerusalem. The show is organized after sunset, and tourists are recommended to bring warm sweaters at night Jerusalem is cold.