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The white tower

The white tower in Ramla - the only surviving part of the mosque, which was built here in the 8th century According to some historical evidence, in the construction were used marble columns, designed for the Christian Church. The mosque was famous for its beauty and rich decoration, was surrounded by stone walls, floors in the yard covered with tiles, a gate at the entrance is carved from cedar. However, in 1034, an earthquake destroyed the mosque. In 1047 it was restored, and in 1190, completed. When the crusaders, the building was converted into a Christian Church. In 1318 again an earthquake occurred, from which the building suffered. Then was only restored minaret. Survived the Muslim legend of the 15th century, on this spot are buried 40 of the companions of the prophet Muhammad.

In 1949, archaeological excavations have shown that the mosque belongs to the period of the Mamelukes, and the earlier layers are hidden under the ground. Now remained only the minaret, which is surrounded by ruins - the remains of the walls of a former mosque. The minaret has a square shape, the size of the base is 7 by 7 m, height of about 30 m. the Tower is divided into 5 floors, decorated false Windows, arches and columns. Upstairs are 119 steps. From the observation deck overlooking the city. In good weather one can even see tall buildings of tel Aviv. According to one version, the building was used not only as a minaret, but also as an observation tower for watching the caravans and pilgrims. Near the minaret there is an ancient Muslim cemetery.

The white tower is considered to be one of the most interesting attractions of the city. During the British mandate, her picture was even on banknotes. Now it is a monument under protection of UNESCO.