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The white mosque

The white mosque is one of the three major mosques in Nazareth, and the oldest of them. It is located in the city centre, in the Old market area. Architecture of the mosque is a typical example of the Ottoman style. The construction of the mosque was from 1785 to 1815, the Minaret was erected in 1799, the Mosque was built by the ruler Suleiman Pasha, and later the management of the Affairs of the mosque was handed over to Sheikh Abdullah Fahamu. It is his burial. The descendants of the fahoum clan is still headed by the Waqf Committee, which is responsible for the administrative and other issues related to the mosque.

The mosque was named White in a sign of the end of the reign of Ahmed al-Jazzar, who was known for his cruelty. The white color symbolized the beginning of a new era of purity, light and peace. The walls were a cream color, the trim and the dome green. The minaret has the shape of a pencil, it dominates the city and is visible from different quarters. The mosque is surrounded by a small yard and a patio.

Inside there are two mess halls and a separate room for women. Rooms are decorated with rugs and lamps. Daily prayer in the mosque are about 100-200 people, and in the big holidays comes 2000-3000 praying.

There is also training young people there is a scout club for children, organised cultural events. At the mosque there is a Museum, where exhibits related to the history of Nazareth.

The entrance to the mosque is free, but it is closed to tourists during prayer. Women need to be in a closed clothes.