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The castle of Torre Druso: photos, description Torre Druso)

The castle of Torre Druso, or Traunstein, is a medieval fortification located on the Western outskirts of the town of Bolzano in South Tyrol (the Italian province of Trentino-Alto Adige). The castle was built between 1276 and 1278-m years by order of Meinhard II, count of Tyrol, for his vassal Frederick. Of the life of Frederick before he entered the service of the Meinhard, little is known, however, his devotion so impressed the Governor that in 1276, the year he bought the family Wallensteiner the estate near the entrance to the Sarentino valley. Built on the site of the castle called Traunstein, which translated from German means "the faithful stone". Thus the Meinhard wanted to emphasize their confidence in the vassal. The career of Frederick was very successful: in 1286-87, respectively, Meinhard made him CEO of Trento until his death in 1294, the year.

Despite the fact that Frederick had five sons, the family Traunstein ceased to exist after half a century. The castle many times changed owners and soon fell into disrepair. Already in the 15th century the building was almost completely destroyed, except the main tower. In 1656, the year the ruins of a medieval Bastion and the surrounding lands were purchased by one noble Lord from the Troyer family. In 1862, the year the castle was owned by Carl little Pieces, by whose order it was rebuilt in the Tudor style. The now-preserved dungeon of Traunstein 23 meters in height known as Glauber Turm, which in German means "layered tower". The same name is adjacent to the castle street. Donjon topped with the three-prongs. Unfortunately, inside the building it is impossible to get.