/ / The castle of Trani: photo, description Castello di Trani)

The castle of Trani: photo, description Castello di Trani)

Trani castle is located in the Italian region of Puglia in the small town of Trani province of Barletta-Andria-Trani. Standing in the old part of the city, it was built in the first half of the 13th century by order of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and the draft of a military engineer count Filippo Cinardo. On the perimeter of the castle was surrounded by strong stone walls and a moat, and the corners were built four fortified towers. The location of the castle on the rocky shore of small Bay protected the structure from the sea of storms. Very often, Castello di Trani called the castle of Frederick II, since the great Emperor visited here regularly and loved the place. Attached to the castle have experienced and the Sicilian king Manfred, son of Frederick II, who got married with Elena Angelina Doukaina.

In 1533-1541-m years the Emperor Charles V initiated the first reconstruction of the Castello di Trani - castle walls seriously strengthened, and the tower was supplied with the instrument. This fortification was caused by the rapid development and dissemination throughout Europe of a firearm. Then, in the first half of the 19th century, the castle has undergone another restructuring, this time it turned into the main city jail. A prison he remained until the mid-20th century. Only in the 1970-ies Trani castle was bought by the municipality and, in 1979, the year its walls were carried out extensive restoration work. In 1998, the year the castle was open to the public.

Today, Castello di Trani, like most other Apulian castles, used for holding various cultural events - exhibitions, theatre performances, shows, etc. the castle, built in a severe Gothic style, it looks quite austere, and contrasts strongly with the appearance located next to Cathedral of Trani. But if you look at its mighty walls, you can see the features of ancient Roman classical architecture.