/ / Castle of Udine: photo description (Castello di Udine)

Castle of Udine: photo description (Castello di Udine)

Castello di Udine - old castle in the eponymous town, a tourist attraction. To get to the castle from Piazza della libertà, passing by the lion of Venice through the Bollani archway, built by the great architect Andrea Palladio in 1556, the year. On the way to the top of the hill you can also see the arch gallery Lippomano the end of the 15th century, consisting of climbs and descents, and then the Church of Santa Maria di Castello, in which are preserved frescoes from different eras. A Church on this site was built in the 4th century but its current facade in the Renaissance style - the result of the reconstruction of the 16th century. Near the Church stands the bell tower with hanging bronze angel, which rotates under the influence of wind.

The Castello di Weena stands on top of a hill for centuries it was the residence of the nobility, aristocrats and Venetian generals. The current building was erected on the site of the destroyed in 1511, the year of the castle. The most important part of the complex is Parliament Hall, richly decorated with frescoes and chic set. From 1906, the year (year of the 40th anniversary of the annexation of Friuli to Italy) Castello di Udine to the City's museums and art gallery. Part of the City's museums include the Archaeological Museum, the Gallery of ancient art, Gallery of drawings and prints, Museum of photography and photo-library.

In General, the area of the hill on which stands the castle, is the most ancient inhabited area in this part of the modern Verona. Here is preserved part of the buildings belonging to the old defensive systems. The current Castello di Udine was built in the late 16th century, after the earthquake of 1511, the year destroyed the existing castle. Once inside the spacious lobby with a cruciform arches, you can see on the left a small guest room with frescoes, which are attributed to Pellegrino da San Daniele, and wooden works of art 14-18 century. The upper floor Gallery of ancient art, the Hall of the Parliament.

Near the castle is the Casa della Confraternita, a remarkable Gothic arched openings. Arch Grimani in the 16th century, at the end of the castle square stands the Casa della Contadinanza built in 1931 year, the place of the demolished buildings.