/ / The Zingaro nature reserve: photo description (Riserva dello Zingaro)

The Zingaro nature reserve: photo description (Riserva dello Zingaro)

The Zingaro nature reserve, spread over an area of 1650 hectares in the Sicilian province of Trapani, is a real Paradise for nature lovers: here is a high rugged cliffs of sea coasts alternate with small bays, rocky ravines and caves. Peaks of the Park have a height of 610 meters (the peak of Pizzo Passo del Lupo) to 913 metres (Monte Speziale).

The coast of the reserve, stretching for 7 km from Scopello to San Vito lo Capo, characterized by limestone cliffs, formed in the Mesozoic era. The soil is formed by the interaction of natural processes and human activities - a few years ago every local piece of sushi was processed in the agricultural purposes.

The flora of the "Zingaro" is represented mainly Holly, which occupies the Northern slopes of Pizzo Passo di Lupo, as well as the territory Acci and Uzza, the peak of Pizzo Aquila and the Gulf coast Calo del varo. Also here you can find white ash, wild asparagus, butcher's broom, some Liana-type species of tamus vulgaris, convolvulus, and ivy, and ferns. And symbol of the reserve is the dwarf palm - an extremely rare species. In open spaces, where is dominated by steep slopes and rocks, inhabited by reptiles such as small geckos and other lizards that can climb steep walls. The avifauna is represented by 39 species of birds, including peregrine falcons.

Everywhere in the reserve there are traces of human activity, even if at first glance this place seems to be a realm of pristine wilderness. There are many Hiking routes, the most popular of which runs along the coast. Going on it in the path, you'll pass through a tunnel - part of an abandoned project for the construction of the road, and after about 100 meters to go to the picnic area. A little further is the visitor centre of the reserve with a small Nature Museum, a further path leads to the Bay of Punta Capreria with two rocky beaches.

On the shore of the Bay of Cala del varo is a small guest house, open to tourists only in summer. Nearby is the Zingaro area, forming the nucleus of the reserve - it is covered with shrubs and dwarf trees, among which there are ancient rural buildings. Then the trail leads to the Contrada Marinella, with the eponymous Bay and the Contrada, Uzzo with a sandy beach. The grotto, Uzza is of archaeological interest and 300 metres away is the Museum of peasant culture with exhibits about the art of growing grain and weaving of fibers.