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The Lingotto building: photos, description (Lingotto)

The Lingotto building is one of the industrial sites in Turin located in via Nizza in the same urban area. Once this building housed a car factory "Fiat". Its construction was started in 1916 year, and after 7 years, the Lingotto building opened its doors. The building project, prepared by a young architect Matte Trucco, was unusual in that it had five floors, directly on the basement floor housed the materials and the manufacturing process of the car walked around the building and ready the car "out" on the roof, then to go immediately equipped on the circuit. In those years, Fiat was the largest automobile plant in the world, and the Lingotto building is quite progressive and impressive. The great French architect Le Corbusier called it "one of the most impressive industrial buildings" and "guideline for urban planning". Over the years of operation of the plant was released 80 models of cars, including the famous "FiatTopolino" 1936.

In the 1970s, the plant was already considered technically outdated, and in 1982, the year a final decision on its closing. This decision has caused great debate in society about the future of the building. Was declared an architectural competition, won by Renzo piano who wanted to turn Lingotto in public space. The old factory was rebuilt into a modern complex with concert halls, theatre, Convention centre, shopping gallery and hotel. In the Eastern part of the building hosts automotive engineering, Polytechnic University of Turin. Interestingly, the circuit was saved and today tourists can see him standing on the roof of the hotel and a shopping Mall. By the way, the same tracks on the roof is still in Belgium and Argentina.