/ / Zoo Punta Verde: photo description (Punta Verde Zoo)

Zoo Punta Verde: photo description (Punta Verde Zoo)

Zoo Punta Verde" in the resort town of Lignano on the Adriatic coast of Italy is a private zoo, spread over an area of 100 thousand sq. m. on the banks of the Tagliamento river. It was opened in 1979-m to year, and over the past 30 years the number of its inhabitants increased considerably. Today, the zoo contains over a thousand animals belonging to 150 different species - mammals, birds and reptiles.

The objectives of the zoo is the conservation of specific species, participation in various environmental programmes and projects, conducting research work and organizing educational programs. To implement the last item was created by a special laboratory and a video library, and developed a variety of eco-educational trails, where experienced guides introduce visitors to the zoo's inhabitants, and give a lot of useful information.

Even though the animals in the zoo are kept in cages, for they secure the best care - special attention is paid to a balanced diet, taking into account all characteristics of the species. Watch the zoo staff and the cleanliness of the blood wards - the genetic changes are minimized. Regularly inspect animals veterinarians who are in control of their health by using tests and other methods. Collected annually on reconstruction and improvement of shelters and enclosures - all of them in the Park over 70, and each is made of natural materials like stone and wood.

Today, thanks to these measures, the zoo feel at ease variety of animal species, including the threatened extinction in their natural habitat. Among the local residents can see long-necked giraffes, African lions, camels are slow, harsh bears, Tibetan goats, Kulikov, forty and other animals.

In addition, the zoo Punta Verde" is a Botanical section, which is typical for the Apennine Peninsula, the plants coexist with exotic species of flora. The last great survive here thanks to the pools with thermal water whose temperature is constantly kept at 30 ° C - this creates a specific microclimate.