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Claim Marina: photo description (Isca Marina)

Claim Marina is a small village part of the municipality of the Claim sullo Jonico in the province of Catanzaro and lying on the Eastern shore of the Italian region of Calabria. Located a five minute drive from the seaside resort of Soverato, which is a big part of the tourist infrastructure of Claim Marina is famous among tourists for its pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Squillace. Here is an indoor lap pool, long and 6.25 meter school diving, and in the nearby village of Badolato, the recently opened yacht club with a modern pier.

In the afternoon most of the rest is concentrated on the beaches of Claim Marina, where you can not only sunbathe and swim but also to enjoy various sports. In the evening, many moved to coastal discos, for example in Rochelle, and bars. Besides this Lawsuit, the Marina you can go to the town of Locri to experience the rich heritage of ancient Greece. And nature lovers will enjoy trips to the national parks of Sila and Aspromonte, which boast fantastic landscapes. By the way, just behind the sand dunes of the Claim, the Marina is a small reserve of local importance are also available for organized groups of tourists. Another opportunity for recreation - fishing tours, which can last from several hours to several days.