/ / Historical Museum of Lecce: photo description (Museo storico di Lecce)

Historical Museum of Lecce: photo description (Museo storico di Lecce)

Historical Museum of Lecce, a place where modernity sheds light on the past. The Museum is housed in the former convent of Santa Clara. Today the exhibits of this beautiful monumental complex not only acquaint visitors with the history of the ancient Italian city of Lecce, but also provide an opportunity to touch to contemporary art. The collection of the Museum occupy spacious premises in the galleries of the first floor.

The monastery of Santa Clara was founded in 1410, the year of the monk Tommaso Ammirato, the former Bishop of Lecce in the early 15th century. It is located in the heart of the historic centre next to the homonymous Church and the ancient Roman theatre. However, there is a theory according to which the monastery was founded by Antonio di Giovanni de Ferraris, a noble resident of Lecce, granted the order of St. Clara of his property, including real estate.

Scant surviving evidence suggests that the monastery had 20 cells, three shared bedrooms, a dining room and pantry. During its long history the monastery was rebuilt several times and restored and the order of St. Clara owned it until 1866, the year. Then the building housed the city's Department of taxes and fees. Today the former monastery is open to the public - to its wonderfully-equipped exhibition halls introduce the visitors with the history and art of southern Italy. Admiration for the meticulous restoration, which allowed to restore the ancient appearance and to preserve the important architectural elements of the building. In the halls of the first floor is located the Museum's collection on the history of Lecce, starting from the mysterious Massimov and the ancient Romans and ending with the 20th century. Part of the Museum given over to the art gallery where you can see the works of local sculptor Cosimo Carlucci, photos by American artist Jenny Okun and other works of modern art.