/ / The historic centre of Acireale: photo description (Centro storico di Acireale)

The historic centre of Acireale: photo description (Centro storico di Acireale)

The historic centre of Acireale famous for its ancient palaces, elegant churches and monuments of particular importance. For tourists developed a number of routes to discover this part of the city.

It is in the historical centre of Acireale is located the Library and the Pinacoteca, Zelantea". Created in the 17th century, the Institute housed in a Palazzo built in the 19th century in the neoclassical style by the architect Mariano Panebianco. Today, the gallery houses a collection of works of art and ancient artifacts.

Nearby is the Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano - one of the most important churches of Acireale, declared a national monument. Construction of the Basilica began in the 16th century. It attracts attention with its façade, which is preceded by a balustrade. Inside there are many frescoes by Paolo Vasta.

Also noteworthy is the Church of St. Anthony of Padua is the oldest Church of the city. This is probably the only surviving structure that dates back to the days of l'aquila Nuova 14th century. Despite numerous alterations over the centuries, including after several earthquakes, the Church retains a beautiful Gothic portal. The Church was originally dedicated to Saint Sebastian and was the center of the homonymous brotherhood. And only after the construction of the Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano was dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. Within the Church today it is possible to see frescoes and paintings by Alessandro and Pietro Paolo Vasta.

Finally, the sights of the historic centre of Acireale are still two churches - Santa Maria del Suffragio and San Camillo. First erected in the 17th century, fronting the sea. They say that it was built on the initiative of wives of fishermen who hesitated to go to Church with noble cities. Inside there are numerous frescoes, including "the Miracle of the Eucharist" same Pietro Paolo Vasta. Another Church - San Camillo - has a very poor external decoration and a very rich internal content. It was built in 1621, the year and Westy painted with frescoes depicting scenes from the old Testament. The inhabitants of Acireale is called the Church women's Chiesa delle Donna.

The entire historic center of the city cuts through the Corso Umberto, along which are lined with aristocratic palaces. Turning from this street to the right leads to a small Piazza Garibaldi with a statue in memory of the fallen heroes. On the West side of the square stands the theater Maugeri - at the time of construction in 1952, the year he was the biggest in Sicily. Further along Corso Umberto, Piazza, Indirizzo with which you can get to the Park of Villa Belvedere, built in the 19th century. There is the neoclassical Church is the Chiesa del Indirizzo. Noteworthy palaces Palazzo and Palazzo Musmeci Calanna Church of San Biagio, Santa Maria degli Angeli, the Madonna del Carmelo, San Domenico, Santo, Rocco, and others.